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Discord Groups you need to be in.

Understanding the landscape of cryptocurrency may feel overwhelming, unnecessarily confusing, and filled with bad actors looking to scam you out of .05 btc for access to their “premium” channels.

I have been ripped off, scammed, and learned who the real discord admins are, and how the crypto community is using channels to promote real coins, provide instant information on the market, and operate ethically by having scam channels to report bad actors.

While nothing is guaranteed in this wild west of an industry, after seeing how these three groups have managed to not only curate content, remove scammers, and provide information, but also are turning weekly profits for their users. This is an unsponsored post, and there is no compensation being provided.

Super Pumps & Signal Kings – SP&SK

Our motto “We are stronger together” .
Therefore, it is necessary that everyone is part of not only pumps, but also chats and discussions on our channel. Our main goal is to create a profitable group on all aspects of cryptocurrency. We also want to create a group that informs people as well as possible about everything that happens in the crypto world. To do this our motto refers to the more active the better community.

Our goal is to make a fair community, this includes giveaways to those who contribute by inviting people and are active in the community.
More info about this can be found in #affiliate_info. It is important for us to reward those who contribute,
because we need growth in our group for bigger profits for everyone!
We hope to see you alongside with us during this profitable and exciting journey !!

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Pump Kings – CryptoFamily
Our focus is on buying an asset as low as we can then working together to promote that asset at an inflated price so all members can profit. Our team is very strong and constantly growing and we will pump a coin listed on Binance October 30th.

website: http://cryptofamilypumps.com/

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CAMP (Crypto & Massive Pumps)

We have built a great community of strategists, technical analysts and investors. Each and every signal and pump we strive to do our best to provide the best possible scenario . Here at camp we offer free signals and pumps, there is also VIP for everyone who really wants to maximize their returns. We are one of the fastest growing groups around.

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