Black Pearl Release, Lambo Lotto increase, P3T Update.

Today is an important day for many of the FOMO platforms, with the largest focus on two new players in the market – Black Pirate and Lambo Lotto.

While both involve a high risk of potential scamming, these types of games for early adopters who take the risk can earn a hefty payday if the development team and contract are properly vetted. The largest payouts todate have been in the hundreds of thousands USD, and everyday players who can find the right opportunity, will be earning tens if not hundreds of thousands of ETH and TRX as the contract increases.

How do they work and what are the risks?

At its core, these are a pyramid scheme and do not let anyone say otherwise. The earlier you invest, the more you earn in dividends as people join the game, and as they withdraw their earnings, the price can drop substantially overnight. Be smart, don’t invest if you can’t afford to lose, and try to have some fun. *DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE JOINING ANY*

The admins at Black Pearl have by far been the best I have interacted with, and the Lambo lotto team is extremely responsive as well. However, anyone with crypto experience has a story, including myself, so you can never be to careful.

Why do people join and how do they find out?

Users are incentivized to share so in return for earning dividends based on the total number of tokens they hold, as well as if the number of purchases from a referal link or masternode. A masternode traditionally brings a higher ROI and requires you to hold more of the token.

Today, we will see major events in both PT3 (arguably the most popular), as well as Lotto reaching a new price (hurry, there are still 100k left!), and the release of a much anticipated daily ROI from the team over at Black Pearl

So.. How profitable are we talking?

(Shameless referral link plug: gamble at your OWN risk.)

BP Masternode:


Lambo Lotto:

Black Pearl: (Happens to be my personal win of the year and a big fan of the team, so excuse the bias.)

The BP contract reached an all-time high this weekend breaking over 1.25M TRX spent on MEDA. Today, while the contract is down, the development team has been hard at work releasing their newest addition, a TRX daily ROI ability.

Users can earn 4% of your initial investment every day as long as there is TRX in the contract! 3% of every deposit transaction goes to MEDA holders.

Lambo Latto:

Contract as of writing:  4099910 TRX

All-time Divs: 403761 TRX

Div. 24 hour: 59360 TRX

Token Supply (21 mil. max): 2430024 LLGTDiv/LLGT: 

Lambo Lotto also allows users to earn and stake tokens which has put them as one of the fastest raising platforms with the highest users retention.

P3T stats:

Daily Volume: 1,593.8 Daily

Market Cap: $7,421,430

Total Tokens: 2,164,013

Dividends: 159.4 

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